Show Off Your Sins

Show Off Your Sins

“Show Off Your Sins” is an effort to crowdsource video clips for the upcoming “Depravity 2017” music video.

Here are some examples of ‘sins’ I found on various lists throughout the interwebz that could work visually:

Drinking out of the milk bottle
A couple sharing one side of an otherwise empty booth
Not using coasters
Improperly folded roadmaps
Uncovered sneezing or coughing
Dirty dishes in the sink
Abandoned shopping carts
Too many items in the quick line
People who don’t dress their age
People who chew with their mouth open
Improperly sorted silverware
Skinny jeans
Too much make up
Not enough make up
Showing too much skin
Not showing enough skin
An empty package in the cupboard
Hair strands left on shower walls
Hot dog on bread
Wearing a wifebeater in public
A fork with bent tines
Hair on bar soap
Bathing suit tops as clothing
Hair in the shower drain
Pee anywhere other than in a toilet
Camel toe
Socks with sandals
Used gum stuck to things
Dried toothpaste in the sink
Short shorts
Limp bacon
Biting nails
Sneezing in hand and then offering to shake hands
Saggy pants
Repeat button pushing
Public display of affection
Duck face

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  1. Film the most ‘depraved sin’ you’ve been accused of committing. (Can be serious or silly, but keep it legal!)
  2. Go to & upload your footage.* (Upload by 23:59 PST, Sunday June 11th, 2017)
  3. Get a free MP3 download of the Pulse Depravity album when it is finished (approx. July 2017).**
  4. See your clip in the “Depravity 2017” music video when it is released.***

* Adults (18+) only, please. And since we live in a litigious society, you will also need to download this form, fill it out, and upload it after your video or email it to

** I will need your email address in order to send you your music. There will be a spot on the release for it. I will probably also let you know about future projects and releases, but I promise I won’t share or sell it to anyone else, and if I really irritate you let me know and I’ll take you off the list.

*** I will do my best to include every clip I receive, but I will have to make judgment calls based on content, legal considerations (seriously, gotta have that release!) and so on. So, no promises but I really will get your clip in there if I can!

Some additional notes and hints:

  1. I don’t mind if the clips you provide are NSFW, but the ‘official video’ will likely only include content safe for all audiences. I may do a ‘red band’ version as well and include more risqué footage I receive.
  2. You are welcome to get social/political with this, but keep in mind that the more visual it is, the more likely I can use it.
  3. Have fun with it! Just about anything you can think of, from buttering the wrong side of an English muffin, to having red hair and freckles (being a ‘ginger’), to eating gluten, is considered a depraved sin to somebody.
  4. Cell phone footage is perfectly fine (my examples were all shot with an iPhone) but here are a few tips:
    1. Use the highest quality settings you can, and submit the video in the native format (don’t convert).
    2. Hold the phone horizontal and shoot ‘landscape footage’ if possible.
    3. If appropriate, use fancy stuff like slo-mo mode, because why not!
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