Humanity is rapidly developing technology that allows for deeper integration with our own bodies and minds. Many of these technologies are designed to restore something perceived to be lost, such as artificial limbs. Some allow us to connect with each other more rapidly, such as social media. With each of these developments, there is the possibility of real danger and genuine hope. I want to explore all of it.


I want to visually explore the melding of the human body and the technology we develop. I want to build on the work of genre masters such as Hajime Sorayama to create a new series of images. Emotionally I want to explore all of the possibilities: the fear that we become enslaved by machines, the optimism of rejecting our genetics and living in a body of our own choosing, etc. Aesthetically, there will be an element of eroticism and fetish to it, in keeping with the ‘pin up’ quality of those who have explored the genre in the past.


Body Type: Any. Although a certain degree of fitness and body idealism is implied in the genre, I would like to explore other possibilities as well.

Wardrobe: Varies, but probably a lot of leather, plastic, latex, and chrome. A lot can be done with plastic wrap and gauze. Also a great concept for nude, partial nude, and body painting.

Hair: Any, though a heavily sculpted look may be most appropriate. Things like spikes and mohawks, neon colors, and other extreme modifications make sense with this concept.

Makeup: Heavy makeup such as neon colors and extreme changes make sense. Other concepts include using oils or paints to make the skin look extra shiny or plastic.

Props: Wires, tubes, neon lights, blacklight, anything with lots of buttons and switches and screens.

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