This is a portfolio and resume for David Sprinkle, originally from Silicon Valley in California and currently residing on the Oregon Coast. It includes my experience, education and skills, along with an archive of examples of my work in a variety of disciplines.

Looking for photos, music, movies and other projects? Click the “Archives” tab above (or that fancy link I just made)┬áto see some examples. An even better way to keep up with the latest is to use the links in the sidebar to go to the blogs for my individual projects, such as bbphrogger art, pulse depravity music, or the CCRPG. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi David,

    Just subscribed to your blog and was hoping to get hold of the amazing bit of cover art you did for sushi. Just wondering how I go about getting it, as I couldn’t see anything about it in the confirmation email or on the blog itself, other than the instruction to subscribe to the blog.

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Sam. Thanks for your interest! I just emailed you about it. Sorry for the confusion – my intention is to email all subscribers on the 18th with either a download link or a zip file of the wallpaper. Thanks again! -David

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